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about re:frame

re:frame is a collaborative project between Krystin Griffith, Oana Befort, Rebecca Caridad, and Inge van Geem. Each week we take turns assigning a single word (the title of each post) to eachother. With this word we each take from it what we will and show this interpretation through a photo.

Rebecca had been playing around with the idea of a project like this for some time. Once she made connections with Krystin, Oana, and Inge she proposed the idea to them. Through collaborative thinking and weeks of emailing the project has become re:frame. While we are all from different countries all over the world (krystin-canada, oana-romania, rebecca-usa, inge-netherlands)we all share a love for creativity, family, photography, entrepreneurship, and art.We hope these differences and similarities will  produce a lovely collection of diverse photos and language associations.

Visit us once a week to watch us explore this project throughout the year and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to just say hi!